T-Shirts And Jeans- A Fashion That Has Passed The Test Of Time

by Patrick Daniels


Fads come and go, that is their nature. But some things last forever and never go out of style. Things like leg warmers and acid-washed jeans will live on long after we are all gone, but there are things that are even more enduring. While there are silly fads and trends that will continue to embarrass people long after their senior prom, there are some things that worked just as well for your parents as they do for you and as they do for your kids.

One thing that never seems to fade out of popularity is blue jeans. Designers and manufacturers have tried their best to ruin America’s love affair with blue jeans. They have tried to cut them, shrink them, dye them funny colors and shades of blue, but no matter how hard they try in the name of fashion, the traditional blue jean lives on. And no matter which direction the wind is blowing and what else is going on in the fashion world, you can slip on a pair of blue jeans and fit in no matter where you go.

Just stay away from any supplement that they try to put on them or integrate. Blue jeans do not need glitz and dazzle. They do not need to have special finishes and washes and for the love of all that is good, they need not be made into shorts. Another must that everyone has probably already a million hanging in the closet or folded in the drawer are t-shirts. T-shirts are a must-have for casual wardrobe person. What better than to return home on Friday evening or all night for that matter and to take off your work shirt and pull on your favorite t-shirt?

There is probably no better feeling in the world, especially if it is Friday evening, and you know you have two days before having to worry about the Office. This is probably one reason why t-shirts are so popular because they are comfortable and liberating, the exact opposite of what work feels like.

The only thing better than wearing this t-shirt is matching it with a broken-in pair of blue jeans and sneakers. This way, you will wear the official uniform over the weekend and have fun. What’s better than that? Whatever the trend, Health Fitness Articles, you cannot go wrong with jeans or t-shirts.

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